Monday, July 6, 2009

The last three weeks have passed in a blur. We had 3 great weeks of camp and a wonderful visit from Bennie Guymon and "macky" as my kids call him. We ended our three weeks of camp heading to MN for a whirlwind visit with all of the Pratt family (minus Jordan & Gerry).
Having Bennie and Zach around was a lot of fun. I felt bad that there was so much going on during their visit but we still had a lot of fun. Bennie was especially good to keep Andrew and I in line from time to time, we both really liked having someone be honest and call us out from time to time in a totally acceptable funny way. Sometimes you need help really "seeing" yourself, and Bennie was great to help! We really really appreciated everything he did for us. God has really blessed our lives to have friends like him.
We all really enjoyed camp, it was tiring but such a blessing. I love seeing kids who want to learn more about God all crammed together in one place! Last week was especially fun spending time with Brian and Kathy (not sure of the last name) from Colorado (they are related to the Weller's). They were such a blast! Fun songs, fun jokes, fun times, fun fun... Its refreshing to meet and be able to fellowship with Christians you have not known previously, as if you've known them your whole life!
It was also good to see all of the family in was interesting as most Pratt gatherings tend to be, but still good to see faces we haven't seen in awhile. I even got to see Christy Cobb (now Davidson) and meet little Cade (maybe Kade??). Matthew and Cade are only a few days apart, but they are still too young to be interested in playing very much, hopefully that will change soon. I can't wait...

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tani said...

That's neat what you said about Benny. We really appreciated having him here, too.